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The application of natural veneer in aluminum profiles is becoming increasingly popular


In recent years, the application of aluminum profiles in domestic and foreign decoration projects has become increasingly widespread. Although many residents choose original natural wood doors and windows, a considerable portion of building doors and windows are made of aluminum alloy. It can be seen that aluminum profiles have become an indispensable part of people's lives.

but more and more people who pursue high-quality decoration are constantly putting forward new requirements for decoration. It is necessary to have the durability of aluminum profiles, as well as the natural veneer texture and beauty. Can this meet people's requirements for high-quality life? The answer is yes, so the aluminum profile wood veneer technology was born.

The application of natural veneer in aluminum profiles is becoming increasingly popular.jpg

Aluminum profile manufacturers use advanced technology to apply natural wood veneer to the surface of aluminum profiles according to people's preferences during the processing process. This not only has the texture and texture of natural wood veneer, but also has the characteristics of sturdy and durable aluminum profiles. 

Of course, this also puts higher technical requirements on natural wood veneer manufacturers, because the wood veneer on the surface of aluminum profiles cannot be thick, otherwise aluminum profiles will crack when applying wood veneer. Therefore, Wood veneer manufacturers need advanced processing techniques in the process of processing natural wood veneer. Sometimes, a piece of wood veneer is as thin as a piece of paper, which facilitates the adhesion of the veneer on the surface of aluminum profiles.

Application of Natural Wood Peel in Aluminum Profile.jpg

At present, several aluminum profile manufacturers in Guangdong, China have started producing doors and windows made of natural wood veneer and aluminum alloy. Due to the relatively high market price of such doors and windows and the limited market circulation, aluminum profiles coated with natural wood veneer have begun to be accepted by people. 

It is believed that in the next few years, aluminum profile wood veneer edge sealing technology will become more mature and prices will become more favorable. The application of aluminum profiles coated with wood veneer will become increasingly widespread, and natural wood veneer will add a beautiful scenery to our aluminum alloy doors and windows

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