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Advantages and disadvantages of Natural veneer and Engineered veneer


Natural veneer is a widely used furniture material for furniture and decorative panels, obtained from natural logs that are steamed and sliced. At present, the commonly used natural veneer thickness is 0.5mm, also known as 50 fibers. There are many types of wood veneer, and there are approximately 300-500 commonly used wood veneer varieties in China. The prices of different types also vary greatly, including domestic and imported materials.

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With the increasing demand for natural wood veneer in the domestic furniture industry, the main focus is on importing raw wood veneer, mainly North American and African materials. As demand continues to increase, natural wood is also becoming increasingly scarce, leading to the emergence of technological wood veneer. The raw material of technological wood veneer is also taken from natural logs. How to distinguish between natural wood veneer and technological wood veneer, and what are their advantages and disadvantages? Today, Huayuan Wood Industry will discuss with everyone.

1、 Differentiation between natural  veneer and Engineered veneer

1. Natural wood veneer is processed from natural logs, and the process is completed through steps such as high-temperature steaming, planing, drying, cutting, and labeling and measurement. Wood veneer can be divided into flat cutting and rotary cutting according to different planing methods. The texture of the processed wood veneer varies greatly depending on the planing method. Currently, the commonly used natural wood veneer is mainly flat cut wood veneer, generally divided into mountain grain and straight grain, with natural width. The wood veneer produced by rotary cutting is generally larger in size, with a commonly used size of 1220X2440mm. Rotary cutting leather is often used to make wooden veneer backboards or other furniture products.

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2. Scientific veneer is a kind of veneer that is artificially processed by using the principle of artificial Bionics and referring to the texture of natural veneer. It is also taken from natural logs, but it is processed by dyeing and recombining logs through scientific and technological improvement. The normal size of scientific veneer is 2500X640mm. Therefore, the most direct way to distinguish the two types of veneer is the different sizes of the two types of veneer. The size of scientific veneer is fixed, The texture and color are relatively uniform. It looks quite stiff. And natural wood veneer, because it is derived from natural logs, its texture changes are often very natural. There may be significant differences in color and texture between different trees. This is the most accurate method to distinguish between natural wood veneer and technological wood veneer.

2、 Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural veneer and Engineered veneer

1. The advantage of natural wood veneer is that it has a natural texture and a wide variety of wood veneer. The price can be divided into low, medium, and high grades based on the variety of wood veneer to meet different consumer needs. For those who enjoy natural solid wood texture, natural solid wood composite furniture is a great way to meet this consumer group. Compared to pure solid wood furniture, it saves a lot of costs.

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2. Disadvantages of natural wood veneer: As people's demand for furniture products increases, natural forest resources are becoming increasingly scarce. For some special species such as Indonesian ebony and Brazilian acid twig, which belong to high-end tree species, their growth cycle takes hundreds of thousands of years. Therefore, these types of wood have been restricted from export by producing countries, which further increases the price of rare natural wood veneer. Due to the fact that natural wood veneer is derived from logs, its own defects cannot be avoided, such as mineral threads, black knots, white edges, wormholes, etc. These inherent defects in wood affect the quality of natural bark, and if these defects are to be avoided, it will lead to a decrease in the utilization rate of the raw wood during the processing. Causing waste of natural resources.

3. Advantages of technological wood veneer: Engineered veneer is a variety of wood veneer that is dyed and processed through artificially improved technological means. Its color and texture are relatively uniform, and the variety is also very rich. Eliminated the inherent defects of natural wood veneer. The price is also relatively cheap, the size is uniform, and the utilization rate of wood veneer is high.

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4. Disadvantages of technological wood veneer: Due to its artificial processing, the texture of technological wood veneer appears dull. No matter how it is improved, it is still not natural enough compared to natural wood veneer. In addition, during the restructuring process, technological wood veneer is bonded with glue, resulting in a high formaldehyde content in the glue. Today, when the country advocates environmental protection and health, the environmental protection level of technological wood veneer is far lower than that of natural wood veneer. Of course, technological wood veneer manufacturers have also noticed this issue, Reduce formaldehyde content through technological means. Make materials healthier. But no matter how much improvement is made. Its environmental friendliness is not as good as natural wood veneer.

The above is an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of natural wood veneer and technological wood veneer, as well as a summary of the differences between the two types of wood veneer. I believe you have gained a deeper understanding of both after reading this article. With the improvement of processing technology, natural wood veneer and technological wood veneer have also taken another step towards sustainable development.

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