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Engineered veneer Manufacturing Proces


The raw materials used in Engineered veneer are mainly single board or thin wood made from logs of ordinary or fast-growing tree species. The manufacturing technology of veneer directly affects the quality, production efficiency, comprehensive utilization rate, and production cost of technological wood. Advanced veneer manufacturing technology not only saves wood, but also It is beneficial for improving the efficiency of post process operations and product quality.

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Section 1 Single board rotary cutting

Veneer manufacturing can be done by rotary cutting or planing, both of which are used in technological wood manufacturing. Generally, when producing veneer from raw wood, rotary cutting is used, while when it is necessary to produce technology wood again through recombination, planing is used to obtain the veneer. book

The section mainly introduces the method of manufacturing veneer through rotary cutting. In order to improve the quality and output of veneer as well as the production efficiency of rotary cutting machines, incoming logs need to undergo processes such as cutting, heat treatment, peeling, and centering of wood segments.

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1、 Wood section hydrothermal treatment

Engineered veneer  has high requirements for the processing quality of the veneers used, and during the rotary cutting process, defects such as cracking, burrs, uneven thickness, and coarse threads should be minimized as much as possible. Usually, veneer cut directly from newly harvested or transported and stored logs in water can meet the usage requirements. But for hardness

Logs that are tall, stored for a long time, not stored in water, or frozen in winter in the north usually undergo hydrothermal treatment before rotary cutting.

The so-called hydrothermal treatment refers to soaking the log segments in room temperature or a certain temperature of hot water to soften them and increase their moisture content. The hydrothermal treatment of wood segments can achieve the following objectives: firstly, to soften the wood segments, reduce their hardness, increase their plasticity and moisture content, and reduce.

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Reduce the resistance of rotary cutting of logs, reduce energy consumption, and reduce the generation of veneer cracks; The second is to reduce power consumption. The wood softens after hydrothermal treatment, and the hardness of the knots decreases significantly. This not only protects the rotary blade, improves its service life, but also reduces the number of tool changes and improves production

Efficiency, while reducing machine tool vibration and power consumption; Thirdly, it is beneficial for later processing. The resin and cell fluid in the sapwood part are partially dissolved or permeated after hydrothermal exchange, which is conducive to veneer drying, dyeing, bleaching, and bonding.

Therefore, wood hydrothermal treatment is an effective way to obtain smooth surface and high-quality rotary cut veneer. At present, there are three main methods for wood hydrothermal treatment: boiling, simultaneous heating of water and air, and steam heat treatment. Due to its simple equipment and convenient operation, the water boiling method is widely used in production Guang. 

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The water boiling heat treatment device is often a wood boiling pool (generally size: 3mx6mx3m), with a processing capacity of about 20m2 per pool. The temperature and time for cooking wood should be different according to the difficulty of material hardness and end cracking. Generally, large diameter wood can be used in hard areas with higher water temperatures (70-80 ℃)

The principle is that small diameter wood should be treated with soft treatment method (water temperature is about 40 ℃), and then peeled and peeled after cooking.



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