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The impact of different grades of natural wood veneer on prices


The impact of different grades of natural wood veneer on prices

There are many varieties of natural wood veneer, and according to the commonly used wood veneer varieties, there are approximately 200. Wood veneer can be divided into domestic and imported materials according to the origin, and can be divided into high, medium, and low grade wood veneer according to the grade of wood veneer. 

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The price difference is also significant. Even for the same type of wood veneer, due to their different colors, textures, and defects, the price also varies. Therefore, when purchasing wood veneer, it is important to first confirm the variety of wood veneer, Then select the appropriate wood veneer grade based on actual needs.

At present, there are several main methods for grading wood veneer:

1. Grading according to the wood veneer cutting method:

In each specific product category and grade, we sometimes classify it based on the wood veneer cutting method In traditional wood veneer processing, the flat cutting method can produce mountain patterns, half mountain patterns, and straight patterns In most cases, the veneer is sold as a whole piece of wood, and you will receive the veneer processed from the complete wood. In some varieties, we will separate the mountain grain and straight grain according to the specific requirements of the customer and the project.

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2. Classification of products based on specific uses of wood veneer:

A: Wood veneer for furniture

B: Wood veneer for door panels

C: Veneer veneer

3. In each product category, we have the following levels:

MB grade advanced building materials, AAA, AA, A, B, C, AB, BC, various grades

MB/Grade of Advanced Building Materials: This quality of wood veneer is the highest grade, with good color, consistent texture, and slightly natural flawless comparison, and relatively stable quality This level is usually used in halls, meeting rooms, and administrative floors.

Grade A: This wood veneer grade contains a small amount of natural flawless material, with consistent texture, good size, and stable quality

Level B: This wood veneer level allows for some typical natural comparisons, such as black rubber particles, tree knots, water ripples, sugar dots, etc

Level C: This level is used as a backing for veneers or as an inner layer for furniture and kitchen cabinets

Many special levels are evaluated based on the special requirements of customers or projects.

The above are the grading standards for natural wood veneer. The variety of wood veneer is abundant, providing people with many choices. You can choose the appropriate wood veneer according to your actual needs, which can not only meet the processing and decoration needs, but also save costs. It will add to your life



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